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robert at netologies.com robert at netologies.com
Mon May 6 07:26:01 CDT 2002

Good Morning,

Have you seen Radio UserLand in action?  Radio runs on the Mac and
Windows.  Radio has a tool called My Pictures Tool.  You drop your
pictures, JPEG or GIF, into a folder that resides on the user's HD.  The
picture is then copied to another folder and readied for deployment,
automatically generating the HTML.  Radio also has several templates to
choose from and you can easily create your own.  There are a lot of
features and it is simple to use out of the box.  Yet it allows a lot of
flexibility to those that want to get their hands dirty.  And at $39.95
it won't break the bank. If you want to learn more here are a couple of


Don't forget, if your friend uses a Mac he can always use iTools.  iDisk
provides 20mb of disk space and basic templates via their HomePage
tool.  If those don't meet his needs you can easily create one for him.
Since iDisk is  WebDAV-enabled, all he would have to do is drag-and-drop
the files to his iDisk located on his desktop.


Maybe one of these options will work for you.



On Monday, May 6, 2002, at 04:45 AM, ashok at magicalkenya.com wrote:

> Hello evolters :
> A friend of mine who is a professional photographer wants to put up a
> portfolio website with around 30 - 40 pages which would grow as he added
> more stuff , hes kind of on a budget and has static , html hosting for
> his
> domain . and hes quite html illiterate --
> Is anyone aware of a system where i can put in the content  & structure
> for
> him based on a template & the system generates all the subsequent pages
> with images (all with relative links of  course...)  - which he can then
> upload to his website ...?
> Worst case  - i was thinking of writing something server side script
> based
> & then using teleport pro to generate the pages ...., an easier option
> though would definitely be of great help ....
> thanks
> ashok
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