[thelist] some questions on css: misuse and issues?

David Dorward david at david.us-lot.org
Mon May 6 07:39:01 CDT 2002

On Sun, May 05, 2002 at 10:12:31PM -0300, Christopher Joseph wrote:
> The site is here: http://www.ideadesigners.com/id_co_uk/index.php

Given the complaints about it not working in Moilla (it doesn't for me
either BTW) I ran the above through the w3c validator

If you plan to use an ampersand character in a hypertext reference you
should use the entity for it (&) rather then the raw character.

e.g. href="somepage.cgi?foo=bar&wib=ble"

You then have a missing end tag for <span>, which could be the problem.

When validating the CSS I found your real problem. Unlike Internet
Explorer, Mozilla does a good job at following standards. Your server
is configured to send the .css files with a content/mime type of
"text/plain". As far as Mozilla is concerned that isn't a style
sheet. You need to reconfigure the server to send with a mime type of

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