[thelist] Whats it worth??

Christopher Joseph Christopher at ideadesigners.com
Mon May 6 10:02:01 CDT 2002

I have recently been in a similar position myself - i.e. having to quote for
work without too much experience of do so previously.

Having run searches on the web for "prices web design" -> UK only, these are
some of the conclusions I came up with for basic web design quotes (e.g.
Just markup and styling but job includes customer workshops on requirements
and design, data collection requirements and customer targeting etc.) I
suspect they are going to provide a point of contention :).

1. If it is a big company or well known design agency they appear to do 1 of
two things:

a)charge at the going hourly salary rate of their designers X3.5 approx.
b)charge at a fixed rate based on approx 3-4X company average salary
weighted bias toward technicians.

2. If it is a small company (e.g. you're the designer, director and

Prices tend to be approx 1.5X equivalent of your intended (salary/2000).

 In the first instance there are a lot more overheads because there is
generally an admin and sales department that needs payin for. In both
instances you need to include the cost of running your business with what
you would like to earn.....obviously what you earn should reflect the going
rate for your position.

To look at current market rates try www.jobserve.com or similar job sites.

Finally, as members of the list have pointed out before......the quote
should reflect what the job is worth. There is no point under quoting and
livin off breadcrumbs for the next month just to get the work.

Note: As a smaller company your estimate/quote/specification should detail
the fact that you cannot offer the same levels or SLAs (service level
agreements that a larger company might be able to - though obviously worded
in a way that doesn't effect the clients decision to take up the quote.)


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