[thelist] Automated site replication

Hans Zaunere zaunere at yahoo.com
Mon May 6 10:28:01 CDT 2002

> However, I have a fun problem:
> 1) The host doesn't have wget
> 2) The host doesn't have a gcc compiler so I can't install
>     wget

Compile somewhere else and/or get a binary?

> 3) Installing Perl modules with dependencies is fun and
>     interesting, so w3mir isn't going to work
> I *can* mirror all the end pages as static HTML (rather than
> DTML source) onto my own (MacOSX) box, so thought of just
> copying them up. However...
> 4) The host doesn't have scp installed
> 5) Nor does it have sftp
> 6) I'm not too keen on connecting without encryption, particularly
>      if it's on a (necessarily time-predictable) cron job

Any possibility of restricting by IP?  Should keep 99.99% people out.

> 7) They've not answered my pleas on any of the above (but then
>     again, I'm not paying for any of it...)
> Any ideas..?

Write a little program in C, compile somewhere, copy it over?

Or, better yet, get a PHP binary (single file, ie CGI version) and copy
it to your home directory.  Then write a local PHP script and using
PHP's URL wrappers you'll be done in 10 minutes.

Hans Z.
New York PHP

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