[thelist] [OT] Win2k laptop

Chris Marsh chrism at puffofsmoke.net
Mon May 6 12:31:02 CDT 2002

> > Thanks for the advice. This was actually the first thing that
> > I tried, and I got a message telling me that this program
> > will not run from DOS :(
> Are you sure it's accessing the drive correctly? The setup *runs* from
> DOS;
> it's the only way it *can* run, right?

Yes, it's accessing the drive correctly. Setup won't run from whatever
version of DOS is loaded from a win98 startup disk. When you boot from a
Win2k boot disk, the setup starts automatically; you don't get even a
sniff of a command prompt. You get the option to install SCSI CD-ROM
drivers, but not PCMCIA.

> Otherwise, can you install Win98 and then overwrite with 2000?

Unfortunately not. I don't know about Pro, but I'm installing Server and
this will not install over the top.

I have a feeling that It's a MicroSumption that nobody would have a
laptop without a CD drive these days:( I can certainly install Win98 on
one partition, and then install Win2k on another from Win98, but this
isn't a very elegant solution and involves dynamic re-partitioning after
the install. Unfortunately I'm too poor to spring for a copy of
Partition Magic at the moment, so I guess I'll have to think again.

Anyway, as someone is no doubt going to tell me soon; this is way off
topic, so thanks very much for your input but I should probably leave it

Best Regards

Chris Marsh

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