[thelist] ColdFusion, LDAP, and binary data

nagrom morgan at morgankelsey.com
Mon May 6 13:05:01 CDT 2002

did you try using the ToString() function?

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From: "Karl Nelson" <knelson at psesd.wednet.edu>
Subject: [thelist] ColdFusion, LDAP, and binary data

> To any ColdFusion gurus out there,
> I'm using cfldap to authenticate users (Active Directory, Win2k).  I'd
> also like to pull each user's objectGUID out through LDAP as a way to
> uniquely identify the user.  The problem is that objectGUID is stored in
> the Active Directory as binary data.  When its returned to me via cfldap,
> its no longer binary data--just a string of garbage.  Does anyone know a
> way to get binary data from cfldap?  Or convert objectGUID to a string
> before cfdlap gets it?

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