[thelist] Sunday site-check nr1: http://www.fmscontact.com/test/index.html

Burhan Khalid burhankhalid at members.evolt.org
Mon May 6 14:11:01 CDT 2002

>If you people would like to take a look at:

[ snip ]

Hey Richard :

         I don't know if I would have put the menu in the middle of the
page. It took me a while to figure out that it wasn't part of your content.
Maybe having it more toward the top left corner (where most computer users
will look for a menu), will help with this.       Keeping with the menu,
when you highlight on your parent items, the hover effect covers up the
surrounding items. Maybe changing the size of the link would help with
this. Also, the menu intrudes on the content, and at 1024 x 768, it will
push the first set of bullets out of alignment, effectively indenting your
Business Users heading. Moving the menu to the left would help with this.
(On Moz RC1, the indentation is more pronounced, but it does nudge your
Business Users heading lower, so it is above the business users section).
Let me know if you need screen shots.

         Also, your background took a little too long to load (I'm on T1),
so you might want to replace it with a smaller footprint graphic
(especially if your audience will be coming in on low-band connections).

Burhan Khalid

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