[thelist] ColdFusion, LDAP, and binary data

Karl Nelson knelson at psesd.wednet.edu
Mon May 6 16:34:01 CDT 2002

Thanks to Matt and Nagrom for their quick replies....but the problem isn't
in converting binary data, its in the fact that the data (which should be
binary) isn't actually binary.  The IsBinary() function returns "No."
ToString() does nothing.  What I get back just isn't binary data...its
garbage.  Something (maybe cfldap) is garbling the response from the LDAP

Has anyone managed to actually pull usable binary data from an LDAP or
Active Directory?  The two most obvious binary attributes are the
objectGUID and the objectSID.  I'd like to know if its even possible...



thelist at lists.evolt.org writes:
>Checkout CF's built-in functions for dealing with binary data,
>ToString(), ToBase64(), and ToBinary().
>> -----Original Message-----
>> I'm using cfldap to authenticate users (Active Directory, Win2k).  I'd
>> also like to pull each user's objectGUID out through LDAP as a way to
>> uniquely identify the user.  The problem is that objectGUID is stored

>> the Active Directory as binary data.  When its returned to me via

>> its no longer binary data--just a string of garbage.  Does anyone know

>> way to get binary data from cfldap?  Or convert objectGUID to a string
>> before cfdlap gets it?

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