[thelist] Opera vs. IE6 displaying links and HR

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Mon May 6 16:50:08 CDT 2002

> If you want the HR to left align, try replacing the
> position: relative;
> left: 0px
> with
> align:left;

Right; that makes sense. Guess I was trying too hard ;)

> Regarding the goofy grey font you mention, I don't see it in
> Opera 6 or IE6. I don't know what all your color codes are,
> so I don't know which might be a grey one. Something's
> probably cascading over to the link, though, if that's
> happening. You can try moving your a: tags above most of the
> other ones and see if that takes care of the problem.

The wrong greys are all the visited links; figured that much out. (only grey
is the simple #cccccc)

I'm reading some stuff about an old Opera bug that might have applied at one
time, but I dunno if it's related.

I'll let you know, but I'm still wide open for other votes.

> Separate from the above stuff (and I know you're working on
> all this and maybe just haven't gotten to it yet), try either
> adding a color to this, or remove the color element:
> pre {
> font-family: serif;
> color: #
> }

Heh. I *was* working on it until I discovered theMoMI.org and never came
back! Thanks for the reminder.

> Oh, one more thing:
> While it's legitimate to name a color without also naming a
> background color, running it through the W3C validator will
> give you a warning (not an error -- a warning) that you
> didn't provide a background color. So you might consider
> adding background colors. You can usually add this:
> background:transparent;
> but watch out for NN4 browsers, as they may instead decide to
> turn anything with that designation to a black background.
> Oh, the joys of cross-browser garbage, especially with NN4.

Black is nice. What's wrong with black? Well, I mean, except when the
foreground's black, too.

Thanks for the warning; *that* woulda stumped me.

> I typically go for as much of the background:transparent as
> possible, check it in NN4 and then change what I must to an
> actual color.  Or you can just put those in your import.css
> style sheet, too.
> HTH, Joel!


(It does indeed! From the same twisted mind that thinks the answer to
'Howdy' is 'Finedy')

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