correction! Re: [thelist] Opera vs. IE6 displaying links and HR

Joel Canfield joel at
Mon May 6 17:02:01 CDT 2002

> I should have said
> text-align:left
> _not _
> align:left

Hah! Hiding hyphens from me again, eh?

Danke schoen. Das tut mir Freude.

> ----------------------------------------------
> Seeing your width designation, too, Joel...... if you want
> your width to stretch across in IE, too, you might change that to
> width:100%;
> and if you do that, then you probably wouldn't need the
> text-align:left;
> ----------------------
> Too many choices. Ah, what to do?!?  <grin> Depends on
> whether or not you want that HR to span the width of the
> screen or not, keeping in mind that some browsers won't
> recognize the max-width designation yet. If you do the
> width:100% I'm pretty sure it will stay within the max-width
> designation for those browser that will recognize it but just
> expand for those that won't. Did you try that? Let me know,
> as I'm curious. :-)

I bow again before your genius.

Width: 100% makes it full-width in Exploder, but respects the 567px width of
the body. Exactly what I wanted - spectacular degradability.

You're my heroine for the whole day. Unless someone figures out the visited
link thing.

Style question about your style sheets: you don't use a space between the
colon and the value. Is that just your own coding convention, or is it a
good idea? I'm all for typing less, but wondered if there was more to it.

Thanks, Shirley :)


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