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Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at
Mon May 6 17:31:00 CDT 2002

At 03:01 PM 5/6/2002, you typed:
> > I should have said
> >
> > text-align:left
> >
> > _not _
> >
> > align:left
>Hah! Hiding hyphens from me again, eh?

Yeah, but not the same brain glitch as before..... I think my brain just
reverted to table cells instead of CSS by accident that time. ;-)

>Danke schoen. Das tut mir Freude.

Bitte, Herr Canfield.

(Mein Deutsch heute ist sehr langsam. <grin>)

> > Seeing your width designation, too, Joel...... if you want
> > your width to stretch across in IE, too, you might change that to
> >
> > width:100%;
> >
> > and if you do that, then you probably wouldn't need the
> >
> > text-align:left;
> >
> > ----------------------
> > Too many choices. Ah, what to do?!?  <grin> Depends on
> > whether or not you want that HR to span the width of the
> > screen or not, keeping in mind that some browsers won't
> > recognize the max-width designation yet. If you do the
> > width:100% I'm pretty sure it will stay within the max-width
> > designation for those browser that will recognize it but just
> > expand for those that won't. Did you try that? Let me know,
> > as I'm curious. :-)
>I bow again before your genius.
>Width: 100% makes it full-width in Exploder, but respects the 567px width of
>the body. Exactly what I wanted - spectacular degradability.

Ah, very good. I thought so, but couldn't remember for sure. Good to hear. :-)

>You're my heroine for the whole day.

oh, gosh. <grin>

>  Unless someone figures out the visited
>link thing.

I can look again later if no one else answers ya. I need to head out for
the moment (time for my mom hat for awhile).

>Style question about your style sheets: you don't use a space between the
>colon and the value. Is that just your own coding convention, or is it a
>good idea? I'm all for typing less, but wondered if there was more to it.
>Thanks, Shirley :)

Oh, I remember some NN4 problems from quite some time ago with having the
spaces (I don't remember specifics at the moment), although I haven't
noticed any problems for quite awhile. Mostly, it's just habit these days.
I also include a semi-colon (;) at the end of the last designation, too,
which isn't required:

hr {

Just my little quirks of how I prefer to format my style sheets, that's
all. :-)


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