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Mike : delusional zines at dx13.co.uk
Mon May 6 17:32:01 CDT 2002


 The main problem with this action is it probably doesn't achieve
 what you are aiming for anyway. Pt sizes are rendered
 differently on different systems. What appears usable on a
 Windows machine is often unreadable on a Mac screen for example
 due to the differences in dpi that the two systems use when
 rendering fonts.

 If you really need to specify the absolute size of the fonts on
 your site, use px units, as a pixel is always a pixel :)

 Personally, I would use a relative unit anyway, such as em, but
 it really depends what the target audience you are aiming at

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> I am leaning towards using pt measurements in my CSS.  What are the main
> downsides of taking this action?

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> Josh

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