CSS EM inheritance WAS RE: [thelist] Font Sizing

Bryce Johnson bryce at popped.com
Mon May 6 19:25:02 CDT 2002

I am firmly in the camp that absolute font sizing is wrong for users.

The way that I deal with this is build the stylesheet with ASP (PHP or XSSI
take your pick) with built in browser detection. This allows me to just set
varibles based on browser/OS and then print the variables to the stylesheet.
So with not that much work we can easily adjust to the browser.

My issue involves inheritance and why I don't use EMs in my CSS
I tend to use the build in font sizes in CSS "smaller , xx-small etc."

My problem with EMs is that when I setup a stylesheet I tend to set them up
like this:

body, td, p, div, ul, li {
	font-size : x-small;

If I did this in EMs say 0.8em then if I had a TD with a DIV and a UL in it,
all the font sizes get smaller as they go.
See example:

Now is there a way around this? Am I missing something really simple?

The reason that I setup my stylesheets this way is make it easier on the
developers who take my templates and then make them dynamic or whatever.


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