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Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Mon May 6 19:43:01 CDT 2002

A pologise if this seems out of place but which command are you running?

The Win2k setup comes in the form of a win32 version and a 16bit dos version.  The dos version exists for the purpose of custom installations.

I have used this at home to automate the rebuilding of my PC without me having to sit there and enter the setup details over and over again.

I understand that this post is getting more and more offtopis with every post, so if you want to chat offline, ICQ / email me and I'll see if I can go into more detail.

<tip author="Michael Pemberton" type="Windows Paths">
Always avoid using a network path ahead of the default paths in Windows.  For example, in win2k, "X:\Winnt; X:\Winnt\system32" is the first entries in your %path%.

Using a network path may seem like no problem, but if somthing changes in the future, it will cause MAJOR headaches for tech support.  In a recent case, removing a server that had been inserted into some PC's %path% caused them all the wait ~28secs (the time it took for the attempt to connect to timeout) before it ran any program that didn't include a path.

The only way to elimate the symptom was to remove the path, or to replace all the windows shortcuts that didn't point directly to the relative program location.
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I got a message telling me that this program will not run from DOS

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