[LONG] Cost of doing business was Re: [thelist] Whats it worth??

Ben Henick persist1 at io.com
Mon May 6 21:04:01 CDT 2002

On Mon, 6 May 2002, Hugh Blair wrote:

> > I reckon there are some blind declarations which we should
> > outlaw simply because of the grief they cause.  This,
> > Ben, is one of them and you really ought not to risk it :-)

Consider it retracted, then.  Some twaddle about hobgoblins and
consistency hops unbidden into my brain here, to my own disadvantage.

> Such a list exists at:
> http://discusspricing.com/mailman/listinfo/price_discusspricing.com

Um, that would be a double-d'oh, then.

I personally am waiting for outside commentary on the conclusions I
achieved, even if it's critical - I'd be disappointed if after writing
2,000+ words about Development And How Much It Costs, the only word I get
back is that I've rushed to judgement on a tangential point.

<tip type="Netiquette aphorism" author="Ben Henick">

If someone questions your statements, you are being criticized; if someone
questions your right to make those statements, you are being flamed.

If you defend your statements, you are carrying on a discussion; if you
attack your critics, you are flaming.

If you make a strong statement on the basis of experience, that means
something.  But if other people have had different experiences, that means
at least as much.


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