[thelist] Font Sizing

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue May 7 02:42:01 CDT 2002

On Tuesday, May 7, 2002, at 12:01  am, john-paul wrote:

>>> True. crappy looking websites come cheap. Good point.
>> [ . . . ]
> OK, lets go a little further. You show me the absolute best (visually)
> totally accessible, 100% CSS, relative font, etc, etc. site you can
> find.
> And I'll show you the best (visually) fixed-font size, table-based,
> not-100%
> site I can find. And well make a little comparison about which is more
> attractive.

...and if I'm the site user (which often is cognate with 'customer'),
guess whose opinion is more important..?

And guess which makes the bigger business benefit - having a
site which panders to the ego of a designer, or one which enables
the greatest number of users to do the things which result in
value to the client.


And by the way - you can fix your fonts all you like. Certainly
IE5/Mac users (possibly others) can enlarge the fonts anyway.
If your design then blows up, how stupid will you look when
the client's teenage son (it's usually the client's teenage son)
shows the client that your design sucks.

This is the medium, folks. You can't control how users will see
your site. Get over it already, or go do print design (or alternatively
buy a copy of WhizzyTech Treacle: http://www.ex-
and put your entire site in as one big graphic per page)

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