[thelist] php speicial character conversion and carriage returns

kristina kristina at kfx-design.co.uk
Tue May 7 04:16:01 CDT 2002


  I've created a little form that sends data to a database - one
  element of the form is a text field that has the ability to put alot
  of data into.  One of the requirements of this field is that if
  there is a carriage return its converted to a <br> - The trouble is
  that if the entry is saved and uploaded and then opened to be edited
  and then uploaded.  All the <br>'s multiply....?!?!  - I'm using:

  $description = nl2br("$description");

  What can I do so that it doesn't repeat the carriage returns on a
  re-edit, bearing in mind that if new carriage returns are added they
  will need to upload as such.

  I've also been looking for a script that will change 'special
  characters' into their ascii equivalent, on upload.  Because at the
  moment any special characters are being escaped.  So the entry ends
  up looking like this:

  here is some data with lot\'s of special characters - Andy\'s quote
  went something like this \"it\'s a fine night tonight\"

  Huge thanks in advance.



kristina at kfx-design.co.uk

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