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Chris Mason masonc at masonc.com
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Get a different host, that one sucks.

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Here's the story

As some of you know, I'm moving towards running my site
with Zope. The Zope side is all working nicely, so it's time
to move it all up to my (freeBSD-based) host. I've done some
testing with my meo account, and it's all mirroring schweetly.

However, I have a fun problem:
1) The host doesn't have wget
2) The host doesn't have a gcc compiler so I can't install
3) Installing Perl modules with dependencies is fun and
    interesting, so w3mir isn't going to work
I *can* mirror all the end pages as static HTML (rather than
DTML source) onto my own (MacOSX) box, so thought of just
copying them up. However...
4) The host doesn't have scp installed
5) Nor does it have sftp
6) I'm not too keen on connecting without encryption, particularly
     if it's on a (necessarily time-predictable) cron job
7) They've not answered my pleas on any of the above (but then
    again, I'm not paying for any of it...)

Any ideas..?

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