[thelist] Whats it worth??

Chris Mason masonc at masonc.com
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What ever you do, don't try to develop this yourself. Unless you have
tremendous talent and resources, this is an impossible job. I can tell the
client is looking for much more than you realize.
Be a consultant and chosse and implement and existing solution, let the
client pay for the software, and you estimate you time. Why re-invent the
Charge seperatly for integration work, design, sysadmin. This is a huge job.

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Im looking for some more wisdom from the experts. This question is mainly
aimed at UK web developers...

Ive developed a lot of sites but they have nearly always been for friends or
by recommendation and I have therefore been in a vicious circle of
undercharging for jobs
so as not do damage relations etc...

I have been asked to develop a site for wine sales incorporating online
selling, stock management and order processing, the whole shebang...

I have no idea how much such a site should cost to develop and once again
its for a friend who has no concept of the cost of web work

Could someone give me some sort of guidelines. I find this quite a daunting
topic since there are no set standards for how much web development costs

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