[thelist] JavaScript onChange question

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Tue May 7 12:29:48 CDT 2002


I am working on an Intranet application that requires the use of Special
Characters in the input forms. I am using a copy of a form that has a drop
down selection for special characters and uses onChange() to fill in the
Text area on the screen. The current file is temporarily here:


What I need help with is this:

Currently, the drop downs are only tied to the Textarea of the form (by
name).  The forms that I am putting together would actually have up to 5
input areas that would need a special character. Is it possible to use
onChange() to replace the string based on Cursor location instead of a
specific Textarea?

If not, I will use this as a small "select one/copy/paste" area on the
forms. The folks doing the data entry on this would find that much easier
than trying to remember how to use CharMap or some other similar program,
and it's less crowded than creating a set of drop downs for each field.

Am I asking too much?

Thanks !

Susan Wallace

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