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Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Tue May 7 12:42:10 CDT 2002

I've had a terrific experience at MaximumASP. I first had what they call a VPS
account, which is sort of semi-dedicated. Bottom line, it was rock-solid and
reliable. The VPS account though does not support multiple domains inherently
(e.g.: one IP addr., no name-based virtual hosting) but you can detect and
redirect within the site programmatically if you need to -- based on the http

Anyhow, I upgraded to a true dedicated server with them after I found the need
to install some custom apps and needed multiple SSL identities, and I'm just as
happy. The dedicated server is quite expensive, especially given the drop in
hardware prices lately, but nonetheless I did so anyway.

Bottom line, getting their VPS account, which I think is $199/mo., is a great
starting point before biting the bullet on a dedicated box, IMHO.

They're at http://www.maximumasp.com.

No, I don't get a referral fee or commission.


Robert Goodyear

--- Jen Worden <jen at meadoworks.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks ...
> I *think* I'm in the market for a dedicated server but maybe I'm missing
> something and thought I'd ask first. (such a novel concept! :)
> Situation: We have a client that has a corporate website - not huge by any
> stretch of the imagination and no database/dynamic content - but they need
> reliable service. One where they can get top level support if/when
> necessary. (aside: we had a situation on Friday where the host switched IP
> numbers and because the client handles the DNS records, the site was
> unavailable for 24 hours. not a happy client!!)
> So. Is a dedicated server the way to go? Other options, thoughts or opinions?
> TIA ... Jen
> Jen Worden - Web Developer
> meadoworks - http://www.meadoworks.com
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