[thelist] solution for large form data thingy

Max Wyss max at prodok.com
Tue May 7 16:23:08 CDT 2002

It depends a bit on how the form data looks like.

Of the known forms formats, PDF allows for the biggest amount of data
to be handled safely.

As I understand, you (the server) sends data to the client form (the
PDF). This would be easiest in an FDF format, which is rather easy to
put together (as it is a text format, primarily consisting of field
name/value pairs, but allowing for much more).

Creating the PDF form is IMHO not such a big deal, even adding
fields. A hint: when you have your form, fill its fields with values
and export as FDF. This can be your template for stitching together
the FDF you send to fill in the data.

A more in-depth consideration would require additional details about
the form, the workflow and the circumstances, and most likely be
beyond the scope of this mailing list.

Hope, this can help.

Max Wyss
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>Just wanted to see if anyone had any good suggestions for this scenario:
>I have a client with a mamoth form he wants done and I'm trying to work
>out the best way to give him the form data. I use PHP.
>I don't really want to database it as it would take ages to do it right.
>I've explored the PDF functions and think that would take just as long.
>But, sending via regular text email would be messy and cumbersome.

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