[thelist] Decoding web browser types in log files

Scott Sanders scott.sanders at racesco.com
Tue May 7 16:39:08 CDT 2002


I am a newbie to both this list and understanding many of the
idiosynchrasies that this list covers -- so forgive me in advance if this
question is out of line.

I help support a site that runs an ASP-based application, and we often find
people who have hard-to-explain problems.  When we look up their browser
type in the server log (HTTP_USER_AGENT) to at least see what type of web
browser they're using, often there is a code that we haven't seen before --
something beyond the typical IE and Netscape codes.

Even though I know it is very difficult for any one person/organization to
compile a universal list of what must be thousands of HTTP_USER_AGENT codes,
is there a decent list out there somewhere that I can reference?

Thanks in advance for any assistance that may be out there.


P.S.:  An example of a code we couldn't interpret: Mozilla/4.76
[en]C-CCK-MCD EMS-1.5 (WinNT; U)

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