[thelist] HTML Newsletter Blank in WebMail Clients

Gina K. Anderson gina at sitediva.com
Tue May 7 17:01:39 CDT 2002


Thank you for responding :) I'm not a PHP programmer, I have enough knowledge to
be dangerous--, thanks for the links you sent, otherwise I would have no idea
what you were talking about. Okay, this script is PHPList located at
http://www.phplist.com. I looked at some of the links you gave, and most of it
is over my head but did give me somewhere to start. I thought the X-Mailer would
be the best thing to do a search on, and here's what I came up with in the

function system_messageHeaders() {
  $message_from_address = getConfig("message_from_address");
  $subscribe_additional_headers = "From: $message_from_address\n";
  $message_replyto_address = getConfig("message_replyto_address");
  if ($message_replyto_address)
    $subscribe_additional_headers .= "Reply-To: $message_replyto_address\n";
    $subscribe_additional_headers .= "Reply-To: $message_from_address\n";
  $subscribe_additional_headers .= "X-Mailer: PHPlist version ".VERSION."
  return $subscribe_additional_headers;

This is a huge mailing list program, and I found X-Mailer somewhere else, but it
was wwaaayyy over my head and really didn't look like what I needed. Does this
look like the right target to you?

Here's a try--the fourth line looks like a good candidate for \n:

  $message_replyto_address = getConfig("message_replyto_address\n")

Is that right, or do you see something else?


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|Gina K. Anderson wrote:
|I'm in the test phase of my HTML newsletter project here, and found a snafu.
|display great in Outlook and such programs, but is a blank white space in
|mail clients like SprintPCS's and Mail.com.
|It's probably a \r\n missing in the headers, I dare say that Outlook and so
|forth are more tolerant than web mail clients can be. Also make sure that
|your to and subject don't have \r or \n.
|What headers are being set for the php script that creates and sends the
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