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Jason Cartwright mail at jasoncartwright.com
Tue May 7 18:10:02 CDT 2002


I designed/developed a very similar site - www.ferrago.co.uk and I'm
currently mulling over a complete redesign.

I also face many of the issues that you are seeing - pollination is the
largest in my book. The nature of a gaming site is that the stories get
linked into by news sites and hence never usually see the homepage.

I don't believe that the main navigation attracts many users to click it
- gamers are generally younger (or younger at heart) therefore have a
shorter attention span. This is why we use eye candy in the form of the
featured story pictures to attract clicks - a lot more effective than a
list of links.


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> Subject: [thelist] Gamegrene.com > UI Improvements?
> Here's stuff that currently bugs me about the site:
>  - the "Recent Articles" sidebar. I don't feel its accomplishing
>    what I want it to, but my CMS (Movable Type) doesn't seem to
>    have an easy way to break things down by months (most of the
>    stuff I've seen is based around Date Archives, and I only use
>    Category and Individual).

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