[thelist] posting changes

Sean ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Tue May 7 23:00:07 CDT 2002

Thanks Adrian and Dan and everyone who makes eVolt and thelist a reality
(which is everyone).

Someone recently asked if thelist had an archive, which brought back
memories of the webmonkey list and why this thing got started in the
first place.

I think we have a pretty good thing going here because of the people
involved, and if recent changes make the community more available to
more people, then that ain't not bad.


Sean G.

-----Original Message-----
by now i'm guessing everyone has noticed that sometimes spam gets
through the filters we have in place...  often it's stripped to
nothingness, but sometimes content remains that can jeopardize the
freedom of some members to post from work, or have other adverse effects
-- today's post being a perfect example...

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