[thelist] Calculating time user spends on site

david gregory king_galen at hotmail.com
Wed May 8 05:13:01 CDT 2002

>Hello .jeff,
>j> javascript is not java.  the only things they share in common are the
>j> that they're both programming languages of sorts and the first 4
>j> of their names.  everything else about them is not connected.
>They _are_ 'connected'. That's the main reason they renamed the sucker
>from LiveScript to JavaScript. ;-)

HEHEH  TY :) Yet another misfortune we can chock up to the buying power of
M$...  Java is and (with luck) will continue to be a viable cross platform
alternative provided we can keep the script kiddies away from it or keep
patching up M$ holes...

Jeff...  FYI...  Anonimity is a good thing on the 'net but to share in my
new favorite forum, the real name is Galen... Galen Gregory...  Sorry, I
didn't know she was your daughter :)  j/k  I have had the KGIII nomiker
since the late 80's when BBS was really BBS and not the funny looking smiley
faced message boards they are calling BBS.

I am posting online so it might lie to you and call me David...  Don't trust
it...  It is hotmail so I lied to them too.  KGIII=King Galen III you should
be able to find archived records of my youth scattered about your open
source material :)

KGIII <<=== it is easier to type and when you send/recieve well over 15,000
emails a day you look for short cuts.

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