[thelist] examples of HTML e-mail gone bad

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Wed May 8 11:46:01 CDT 2002


In trying to explain to one of my clients the negative points of sending
HTML formatted e-mail, it occurred to me that in this case, a picture would
serve better than any reasoning on my part. So I thought I'd ask, does
anyone have or know about a "intended" / "actual" screen shot of an e-mail
that was formatted as HTML?

I am using Eudora, and have it set not to accept HTML. Some newsletters
that were forwarded to me are actually Ok in most regards (primarily text
with links, no backgrounds etc, but anything that was in a "table" shows up
at the bottom), but I imagine that at some point I customized my mail
program to degrade these things gracefully.  In any case, my settings are
unique, and I only have one e-mail program setup. As we all know, different
systems/programs/settings/etc will have different results, so I thought
this type of information would be useful.

If no one is aware of an archive like this, I am willing to put one
together. If you have screen captures of your own and don't mind sharing,
perhaps put it on a web server and send me a link off-list?

Any other suggestions?

Susan Wallace

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