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Wed May 8 11:47:01 CDT 2002

I *highly* recommend that you use a real search engine to index and
search your text.  That will handle the whole thing in the most
efficient way possible. If you need to limit searches to XML fields,
that's a little trickier, but not much.

On Windows NT/2000, the search engines dtSearch, Phantom (from
Maxum), MondoSearch, and ASPSeek are relatively inexpensive and very
easy to use, and there's a nice free open-source search engine,
SWISH-E.  If you think your site will get significantly larger, these
search engines will eventually run out of capacity, so you should
look at the high-end search engines such as Inktomi and AltaVista,
and the new Google Search Appliance, which runs on its own server.

All of these are listed on my site, with links from the Windows
Search Engines page at


Hope that helps,


At 1:15 PM +0200 5/8/02, Nik Schramm wrote:
>I'm building a text-heavy site using ASP.NET (C#) and XML. All content
>on the site is stored in xml files, HTML output is achieved via dynamic
>XSL transformations. Now I want to add a "search this site" function and
>although in theory this doesn't seem to difficult to achieve, I was
>wondering if anyone here had experience in doing this and could pass on
>some tips in order to optimize performance.
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