[thelist] xhtml conversion

Sam Richardson sam at toolbox.co.nz
Wed May 8 16:32:01 CDT 2002

You can get away with replacing the <font> tags in browsers 4.7 and above
using CSS instead. I'm not aware of any properties not supported in <font>
tags that don't work in CSS with the above browsers.

Infact, the only way to get consitent font sizes over Macs and PCs is to use
PX style font sizes.

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> Sort of.
> I'm sure you already knew this, but XHTML is not table-less -- you're just
> restricted from using tables for doing things other than presenting
> data. No *layout* tables.
> The big question is what you mean by "most browsers" and what you mean by
> "view."
> Most of the browsers with heavy market share (read: IE 5+) have debatably
> workable support for CSS/XHTML. But some browsers (NS 4.x, for instance,
> which is still in considerable use) do a horrible job rendering CSS. If
> do your layouts entirely with CSS, you will experience weirdness and
> downright ugliness in older browsers.
> If by "view" you mean "be able to read the information on the page" then
> you're in luck. But if by "view" you mean "look pixel-precise to my
> you're probably not going to have much joy, especially if you're shooting
> for a heterogeneous browser market. Many older browsers render layout and
> formatting CSS very poorly.
> This is no problem if you are leaning on <TABLE>/<IMG SRC="spacer.gif">
> layout and <FONT> for formatting; technically speaking, those tags are in
> XHTML. *However*, pure XHTML requires the logical separation of content
> presentation and layout (using CSS), and some old browsers (including, I
> suspect, IE3 and WebTV) simply will not do a good job rendering it in a
> pretty fashion. Graceful degradation will be the best you can shoot for.
> Jonathan.
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> I remember reading awhile back about browser compatibility issues with
> XHTML.  If I convert all my HTML to XHTML (which really is tableless CSS
> stuff and standard HTML), would most browsers be able to view the pages?
> AOL, WebTV, IE3?
> Thanks a ton.
> ~GK
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