[thelist] OT: e-commerce PayPal - And another question on top of that :)

Galen king_galen at hotmail.com
Thu May 9 00:00:01 CDT 2002

> Anyway, paypal is great for sites that at least want
> to get started in e-commerce since there are no setup
> fees, no monthly charges, only charges based on
> transactions, which are the same or cheaper than most
> CC processing companies.
> And it takes virtually no time to get setup,
> especially after you've setup one site/account/code.

Yes, I have seen far more expensive out there, I personally use and
recommend PayPal, just be ethical and they should have no reason to freeze
your account. It happens a lot to the auctioners as well I understand
becuase people will complain that they did not receive paid for goods as an
excuse to get their money back or in retaliation for not getting quality
merchandise. The internet is full of this.

As a matter of note, the subscription service (re-occouring billing) is one
part that I REALLY REALLY REALLY like! It is simply configurable, and easily
cancelable on the part of both parties... I like that a lot...

I just (in the past half hour) had someone steal from me by bypassing the
PayPal link on my site. THIS IS NOT AN AD FOR ME...
http://onecoollist.netfirms.com is a site that I own and if you click the
join now button it will take you to the cgi section and give you the pay
link.  Right click on the page and view source and you will see that to join
the site all you need to do is use the following address
http://onecoollist.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/safelist/EZ.pl?Action=Join and you
will be taken to the sign up page. (Go ahead and join it for free if you
belong to this list but email me and let me know so I don't yell at you.
There, now it isn't spam if I am letting you join for free :) (I hope, but
this is for educational reasons anyhow and all that site is for is to pay
for my hosting elsewhere.)

This leads to my next question...  How can I determine the owner of a web
site? whois is giving me the name of the people that sold the registration
and I want the public information for the owner of this site:
http://www.bizhits4u.com like the contact information and all...  That is
the site that someone had come from when they stole the services at the site
above. I would not be so intense about this but the name that they chose
when registering for my site was BUSTME so I am kinda obligated to... If
they had just asked I would have let them have it free is the sad part...
Now I have to run around signing them up for Britany Spears fan club
material and the like in retaliation...  But, if you know how to get the
contact information of the site's owner please pass that information along
to me, I am kinda in need of it at this point.



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