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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu May 9 04:09:01 CDT 2002

On Thursday, May 9, 2002, at 09:24  am, Simon Hill wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-05-09 at 16:43, Mark Gallagher wrote:
>> George Klingenhoffer wrote:
>>> I remember reading awhile back about browser compatibility issues with
>>> XHTML.  If I convert all my HTML to XHTML (which really is tableless
>>> CSS
>>> stuff and standard HTML), would most browsers be able to view the
>>> pages?
>> Um, not it isn't.  XHTML is HTML with some modifications to make it
>> more
>> conforming to the rules of XML.
> I'd say more like XHTML is XML that looks like HTML. That is, it uses
> the HTML namespace and a similar DTD to HTML 4.

"XHTML 1.0 is a reformulation of HTML 4.01 in XML, and combines the
strength of HTML 4 with the power of XML... XHTML 1.0 borrows the tags
from W3C's earlier work on HTML 4, and can be interpreted by existing
browsers, by following a few simple guidelines."

"XHTML 1.0 Strict - Use this when you want really clean structural
mark-up, free of any tags associated with layout. Use this together with
W3C's Cascading Style Sheet language (CSS) to get the font, color, and
layout effects you want."

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