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What I think you're asking for is the ability to conditionally load
other ASP or HTML pages. ASP includes (which I believe are actually
handled by IIS before ASP gets hold of the page) include the file
whether or not it is included in the flow or your script execution.

This can result in extremely large pages for the ASP processor to work

About the only solution I know is one I used recently - but it only
works in Jscript as far as I know (does VBScript have an equivalent to
eval() ? ):

Var fso=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
Var st=fso.OpenTextFile(yourpage.html);

This allows you to conditionally load other html/asp pages, and also
specify the filenames of said pages. The only weird side effects of this
approach are:

1) When including an ASP page, the page must not start and end with the
usual <% and %> that you are accustomed to.
2) When including a static HTML page, you'll have to prefix the HTML
page with %> and <% (alternatively, you could detect the extension of
the file being loaded and replace the above eval with
eval("%>"+st.ReadAll()+"<%") for HTML pages only...)



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I have a page in which the content is DB generated and want to
load in pages dependent on certain conditions using ASP.

The problem is i do not want to use frames and I cannot simply
read the files as they are not on the server, and I cannot
'include' the files (html and doc) as the URL to the files
need to be dynamic.

Isnt is a shame you cant <!--#include"<%=some_file%>-->

Should I use IFrames, which i have played with and seemed inconsistent
when used in a table cell, or is there a better way of achieving the
same effect.


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