[thelist] OT: e-commerce PayPal

Galen king_galen at hotmail.com
Thu May 9 07:21:01 CDT 2002

Specifically for Richard but any others feel free to jump in, throw stones,
or what ever you feel I suppose...  This thread has taken some odd turns.

I'd like to spend a day or ten picking your brain I think :)  Wouldn't
server side coding negate the PayPal? The reason I use PayPal is because
even the people with lousy credit can pay me and all of the methods that
they have for payment. Server-Side coding? SSI? I have that but I have NO
CLUE how to use it, well, I do a little but for the sake of education and to
save future embarrasment I will be upfront and tell you my knowledge only
includes HOW/WHY it works with no practical "hands on" work  :) Recommended
links, tutorials, books?

Of further note, I am amazed at the progression of this thread and wish to
reitterate my glee at having joined...  It is good to help and to be helped
as well as to bang heads together and see what rattles out.  I have been
able to (pardon the expression) steal lots of great input to put into my
little file (growing to the point of 3GB in size) of code snippets and the
KGIII Massive Knowledge Base of the Useless, Semi-Usefull, Valuable, and
Incomprehensable but not Entirely Worthless Bits of Data...  <-- actually a
handy file which I am going to upload one of these days if I can find a way
to make it categorized and understandable to others aside from me.

> BTW - there is no known way to encrypt HTML pages at all.
> Use server-side coding, and good site architecture to keep pages secure.
> Cheers
> Richard.

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