[thelist] Re: Removing funky MS browser behavior

Mark Gallagher mark at cyberfuddle.com
Thu May 9 08:36:09 CDT 2002

Jon Hall wrote:

  > Mark Gallagher wrote:
  >> Cayley Vos writes:
  >>> I believe there is a meta tag that will remove the unsightly box
  >>> that shows a  print, save, email button on it.  This seems to
  >>> popup on almost all images on a website.  Any ideas on how to
  >>> remove it?
  >> In your copy of IE6: TOOLS -> ADVANCED -> MULTIMEDIA -> DISABLE
  >> IMAGE TOOLBAR.  In my copy of IE6: don't bother.  It's *my*
  >> browser, not yours.
  >> That said, I've already switched it off - back when I actually
  >> *used* IE6 at home, it irritated the shit out of me :o).  But the
  >> point is it may not annoy all people - in fact, they might like it
  >> there.
  >> If you *really* want it turned off for your users, just include
  >> instructions for them to turn it off.
  > Just to play Devil's Advocate. It's their copyrighted images, living
  > on their server, not yours.

True.  But almost all browsers provide some mechanism to view source
and/or save images - images being stolen is *always* a risk[0], and
turning the toolbar off isn't going to alleviate it.

Also, the stated purpose for getting rid of the toolbar is that it's
"unsightly".  Presumably Ms Vos is concerned that her IE6-using visitors
may be annoyed by the image toolbar.  Touching though this is, it
doesn't allow for those who *aren't*.

[0] However, it's impolite to assume your users are going to steal
      whatever they can get their grubby little hands on :o)

Mark Gallagher

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