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Max Wyss max at
Thu May 9 09:37:10 CDT 2002

The article about Brendan Eich is quite a bit more advanced, however
there (and even more so in the Danny Goodman reference), one of the
even more interesting aspects of JavaScript is forgotten:

There are much more interesting applications of ECMAScript (or
JavaScript) out there than just in the web browsers. Actually, I know
of five distinct applications of JavaScript:

* Web browser, client-side

* Server-side

* OSA (Open Scripting Architecture; best-known example is AppleScript)

* ActionScript in Flash (according to ECMA-262)

* Acrobat JavaScript (according to ECMA-262 Rev. 3 (in Acrobat 5))

And that's a much wider use than just do simple rollovers...

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>>  Just came across this in when I was going to
>>  see where I took a wrong turn... [QUOTE] JavaScript runs
>>  "100x" slower than C, as it is purely interpreted (Java runs
>>  "10x" slower than C code). Netscape and allies say JavaScript
>>  is an "open standard" in an effort to keep Microsoft from
>>  monopolising web software as they have desktop software.
>>  Netscape and Sun have co-operated to enable Java and
>>  JavaScript to exchange messages and data. [/QOUTE] KGIII
>I like Danny Goodman's explanation:
>And LiveScript/JavaScript creator Brendan Eich makes some interesting
>comments on the tenuous connection:

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