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Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Thu May 9 09:37:19 CDT 2002

I do the planning, IA, UE, usability, graphic design, html and testing for a
retailer/wholesaler. The site is hosted internally, with one of the IT guys
responsible for the servers and integrating my html with the hard core C
program that makes it all tick.

> it gets lonely being the only Web person.
Totally!!!! I'm the only "creative" one, the only female, and at least 10
years everyone's junior (and I'm *not* just out of college). Plus, the
building is in the middle of nowhere. :-(


<tip type="Photoshop/Illustrator">
When working on any project, large or small, it's better to place each
element (or element type) on separate layers. You're going to be better off,
too, grouping by type/function than visual relativity. For instance, I
recently drew a map of the United States. Each state had three elements -- a
state name label, the outline, and the background. By grouping layers as
"outlines," "borders," &c., changes were much easier to make than had the
layers been organized by state.

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