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You really want to use the "id" attribute rather than the "name"
attribute when referring to things with document.all. Probably the
reason why the form is being recognised and the paragraph is not is
because forms are reflected in the document.forms collection and
paragraphs are not reflected in any collection.



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I have the following paragraph on one of my pages:

<p name="clipboard">
<form name="cutnpaste">
<textarea name="info" rows=5 cols=50"></textarea>

I want to make the form disappear when I click on a button (button is
outside of the above paragraph).

Everything works ok when I do this ...
document.all.cutnpaste.style.visibility = "hidden"

... but when I do this ...
document.all.clipboard.style.visibility = "hidden"

I get an error that "document.all.clipboard.style is null or is not an
object."  Obviously, this is an IE script.  Does anyone know why the
method does not work?

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