[thelist] show of hands...

Galen king_galen at hotmail.com
Thu May 9 10:52:00 CDT 2002

*Raises half a hand* Err... I own a full service web site promotion company
with a half a dozen affiliates/employees. The only server side applications
that we use/provide are as follows;

-A search engine cloaker, basically provides a seperate page for the known
IP addresses of the major search engine spiders, usefull for getting higher
rankings and for sites that insist on using frames. CGI Script...

-Opt-in mailing lists with online posting (also called a safelist) which is
also CGI bin, some that have free/paid options with built in affiliate
programs also include a SQL database created at the begining then modified
as people join.

I do some script alteration but no "developement," for that we outsource or
simply do not provide.  The planing is done in haphazard fashion with
clients and several qualified affiliates getting the chance for input. HEH
Our company slogan is, "It is our JOB to make you money." So, I am not sure
how traditional we are really, it is more like we have had the funding to
buy resale rights on everything of found free services available. There are
even some hosts that provide MySQL, CGI-BIN, and SSI operations for free,
with an unpaid subdomain...  One must search long and hard to find them
though and as quickly as they come the disappear. :o(

Name: Galen
Email: king_galen at hotmail.com
Business: WebSite Promotions (full service)

If you think I can be of any assistance I shall try my best, it is usefull
to me to do some mental networking as well but I am not sure of my value, if
you wish examples I can provide some of the links (via my email address as I
keep business sites out of the list except under odd situations - it avoids
spam complaints) for you to take a peek at... I really am amaturish, I do
much of my coding in simple html editors, polish them with 1st Page (free
and better then FrontPage IMHO) and finally review them in notepad or OE to
insure that they will actually function and look pretty. We do some website
design but I really hate it and I am not sure why people hire me as I really
can't do anything impressive... I don't even own a flash generator.


> -) How many of you on this list are single in-house developers for
> traditional ad agencies that are responsible for all facets of client side
> development including the planning and outsourcing of server side
> development?
> Can I get a show of hands and maybe even yer emails? I have some questions
> for you... if you exist.
> cheers,
> Adam,

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