[thelist] Implementing an Advertising Campaign

Galen king_galen at hotmail.com
Thu May 9 11:34:01 CDT 2002

I don't believe that even the pro accounts at GeoCities allow your own CGI
scripts but I have an idea for you though I don't know if it will work...
You can always make a "tracking URL" for it, I even have a handy dandy
script that will do just that or I have a number of places online that I
know provide them free with some of the services that I have.  We, in the
industry, are supposed to use them for tracking hits on our ads...  I like
data mining but I don't like it enough to be bothered with that. The
"safelists" offered by global-lists offer them  and many of the lists you
can join for free and track a limited number of ads.

Should you be industrious, I have a script I will be more then happy to post
online for you to download (give me a couple of hours to respond) that you
can use as well. Actually, hold on...

http://galaxian.digitalrice.com/files/Click_Tracker_v1.2.zip there you be :)
Have at it and try not to break anything... I haven't ever used it, we keep
it on hand in case someone wants/needs it for their campaigns. If you like
it or you find it usefull (it came with a package of scripts from one of the
sites we belong to) then have at it. I can sell it but I don't think you
can...  I can give it away too I suppose, I have 100% redistribution rights
but I think it was probably free anyways...  So have at it, make it usefull,
if it works let me know. If it doesn't I can upload it and see if I can
figure it out but there are more qualified people in here I am sure that
will be MUCH more suited to helping you.

Basically that goes for anyone else that finds it of interest or value, have
at it...  I have GBs more of them where that came from if you ever need
anything else, considering that about the largest is a shoping cart script
at ~350KB that really is a lot. I dunno even where they all are :o) Or for
that matter what some of them do :o)


> I have a site that for a long time was hosted through GeoCities free
> service.  I am now signed up for their GeoCities Pro package (my own
> more bandwith, no ads, etc.).
> I have been approached by another site looking to advertise on mine.
> Initially they indicated that they wanted to pay a fixed monthly rate,
> rather than on a CPM basis.  Not having run an advertising campaign on the
> site before, and not having an advertising package ready for them, I
> responded asking what sort of ads (gifs, javascript ads, etc.) and where
> throughout the site they would like to see their ads (home page only, home
> page + main sections...).  They have now responded that they would like to
> work on a CPC basis, and are asking for their options.
> I suppose I could come up with several different proposals for them, but
> problem is tracking.  My site being a GeoCities Pro site I don't believe I
> have access to any scripting languages.  I do have a personal site with
> PHP/MySQL functionality and plenty of bandwith that I haven't used yet if
> wanted to go that route.
> Any tips on how I should try and develop this CPC tracking functionality
> any cheap existing services that I could tap to provide this functionality
> for me?
> Jennifer
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