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Thu May 9 12:30:01 CDT 2002

I have been very happy with Kagi as my credit card processor.  I
don't sell product, but I do use it to accept ccs for consulting
hours.  My government and enterprise clients have been very pleased
to avoid cutting POs.  <http://www.kagi.com/features/>.


(disclaimer: I'm friends with the folks who run the service).

At 9:18 PM -0700 5/8/02, J J wrote:
>I wouldn't leave a large balance in any credit
>Anyway, paypal is great for sites that at least want
>to get started in e-commerce since there are no setup
>fees, no monthly charges, only charges based on
>transactions, which are the same or cheaper than most
>CC processing companies.
>And it takes virtually no time to get setup,
>especially after you've setup one site/account/code.

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