[thelist] Dw MX concensus

Matt Liotta mliotta at r337.com
Thu May 9 14:01:11 CDT 2002

SO in other words, Microsoft published an interface API that feature
matches VSS. You as a developer as welcome to implement that API for
your own source code control system, but much the API might not make

VSS and CVS are very different from a methodology perspective. For
example, there is no such thing as checking in or out of a file. Thus,
offering this API doesn't really help me if I still have to use a CVS
client to do my work.


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> Because the SCC API is implemented by client app & not the Server app.
> This is true for all source-control systems that support SCC.  In
> it's part of the API specification.
> Plus, there are some operations that are still easier from the WinCVS
> than through HomeSite.  For example, HS only allows you to do a "Get
> Latest" on files, not folders or whole projects.  The HS integration
> you solid, seamless access to most of the functions of any
> application that implements the SCC API, but not all.
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> From: "Matt Liotta" <mliotta at r337.com>
> : I don't use WinCVS as it never supported encrypted tunnels
> : However, I might be willing to try again and get it to work if it
> : provides integration with Studio. However, I am a bit concerned that
> : would need WinCVS to use CVS. Why do I need a GUI front-end for CVS
> : order to use it from Studio?
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