[thelist] MySQL GROUP BY Anomaly? SOLVED

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu May 9 14:04:01 CDT 2002

> when I SELECT DISTINCT RecordDate from the table,
> that gives me back the dates more than once too.

i believe you

it suggests that the times are not all zero

> Had a look at the table description (DESCRIBE tablename;)
> for the merge table. There was an INDEX set on the RecordDate
> column. ... Removed the INDEX from the MERGE table definition
> and all appears to be working well.

jay, that makes no sense

how could an index (which is, after all, just a set of pointers to the
data) affect whether or not SELECT DISTINCT gives you multiple values?!

sounds a lot like a bug in MERGE tables

glad you got it sorted out

would have asked you to run a quick query to do a COUNT() instead of
DISTINCT, and GROUP BY a date function, as joshua suggested


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