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For those of you who remember the original discussion. I was sent this today

original discussion - >

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Hi - thanks for beginning the discussion thread regarding politicswatch.com,
photos, linking and copyright.  The thread is an interesting and informative
read, and the caliber of contributions from readers is rather impressive.

For the sake of clarity, it is important to note that you omit some key
details that readers of the thread may find relevant.

1. Upon her departure, PoliticsWatch offered to Jen that she could post up
to 5 pictures in her portfolio.  She refused and insisted on 30+ photos.
This was viewed by PoliticsWatch as excessive, particularly given Jen worked
for us for less than 2 months.

2.  Under the terms of contract employment, all content remained property of
PoliticsWatch.  This was explicit in our agreement.  And of note, Jen
contacted us to work here, we did not contact her.

3.  Jobs in journalism are rare in Canada these days.  PoliticsWatch, an
online publication privately funded by a group of young entrepreneurs, is
hiring young journalists.  These investments are being made on speculation
and based on a long term return.   However, it is unreasonable to expect
online publications to invest in developing photo archives and other such
online proprietary assets (by hiring people to work on our projects), only
to have former contractor employees walk out, and attempt to replicate our
holdings outside our banner with complete disregard to our wishes and for
that matter, there terms of work with us.  Sort of dilutes the value of our
holdings, dont you think.

Any way, thanks again, and feel free to post this to the thread in the
discussion board (I would but I am not subscriber), as I would enjoy reading
the reactions.

Francis Schiller
news at politicswatch.com

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