[thelist] ecommerce setup which only entails downloading the product

Michael Mell mike at nthwave.net
Thu May 9 18:08:01 CDT 2002

If it is a shareware product, then you're not concerned with a one-to-one
payment for download. Just stick a PayPal donate button next to the download
button. Or better, you could program the download so that the download link
downloaded the file and redirected to a page with a "Thanks for downloading,
now please donate" message. I don't know how to do this, but
http://www.download.com does it.

"kevin D. white" wrote:

> Might want to look at outsourced services for this.  I think both Tucows
> and Yahoo! offer ecommerce services with a download-only option. You really
> can't code e-commerce without back-end scripting like PHP, ASP, JSP,...etc.
>  A database wouldn't be an absolute requirement but it sure can make things
> easier.
> The big PITA with download-only is that sometimes the connection drops so
> you have to develop a scheme where people can login and download the
> software again.  Not a huge problem to be sure, just extra stuff to do.
> I've never used Paypal so I have no advice there.
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> From: "Sharon F. Malone" <sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com>
> :
> : Have a client who wants buyers to purchase his shareware by download
> only. So, no product would be physically shipped to a buyer. Not quite sure
> how to construct the coding for this. That is, click a Buy Now button
> taking buyer to the order form first where they would enter their credit
> card info, then that would pass to a Download page for the actual
> downloading of the zip file ????? If so, what about the time in between
> where the credit card info should be verified before download.
> :
> : Could all this be done without using PHP, etc. or any database work?
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