[thelist] Need to rent a coder??? take a look at this page

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu May 9 22:42:00 CDT 2002

> From: Miguel A. Garcma
> http://geocities.com/rent_a_coder_for_u

don't bother visiting the site folks.  this is just some useless spam
designed to boost the view count on some pointless banner ads.

<tip type="ColdFusion" author=".jeff">

if you're administering a server running iis and coldfusion and you allow
file and database access via rds, do *not* mess with the application
configuration settings (properties > home directory tab > configuration) for
the default site or the ip address used to connect to the machine via rds.
if you set iis to check if file exists for .cfm extension, you'll get an
error that says:

Remote Server Operation Failure:
Invalid RPC argument list

fixing it is as simple as unchecking the "check that file exists" checkbox
for the .cfm extension.



on behalf of evolt.org

jeff at members.evolt.org

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