[thelist] css class vs id (div or p )

Chris Price chris.price at stl.org
Fri May 10 05:06:00 CDT 2002

I have not had formal training in web design and some of the DIY books led me down cul-de-sacs in terms of good coding.

They say you are shaped by the company you keep and [the list] has impressed upon me that although the web seems to be a free-for-all, there is a structural logic to how browsers interpret our code and using the wrong code to arrive at the look we want is a short term folly.

The truth is: there are alot of us who know how-to with no clue as to why and that's probably because we gleen bits and pieces from here and there to cover our little patches blissfully unaware of the big picture.

To illustrate: I have only recently conciously thought of a letter as an object and understood block level elements. It isn't difficult to see the essential difference between "class" and "id" when you know what they are meant to achieve rather than what they can do in a given situation.

I know the web is quite fluid and opinions differ, but can someone hilight articles or books that home into the logic behind the html with the nuts and bolts slightly out of focus.
Chris Price
Web Designer

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> >when and why would you use either <div> and <p> what are the differences?

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