[thelist] css class vs id

David Dorward david at david.us-lot.org
Fri May 10 08:44:01 CDT 2002

On Fri, May 10, 2002 at 03:26:26PM +0200, Steve Cook wrote:
> > Bad example, not all browsers understand CSS, and not everybody uses
> > browsers that render pages visually.
> Nope - but the question asked about the differences between ID and CLASS in
> CSS. I picked an example using CSS because the question asked about CSS. And
> of course H1 and H2 are better ways of setting up header and subheader but
> we could pick hairs all day and never get anywhere.

I just digagree with giving examples that use exceptionally bad design
principles, its far better to come up with a good example in the first

> While we're picking hairs, what's so important about your mail that it's
> marked with an "important" flag in my mail program?? That's a particularly
> irritating habit on a mailing list. Your message is no more or less
> important than any other in this thread.

Its not marked as an imporant message in my mail program.

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