[thelist] MS Outlook tip (was: css class vs id)

Jon Haworth jhaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Fri May 10 09:26:01 CDT 2002

> > While we're picking hairs, what's so important about your mail
> > that it's marked with an "important" flag in my mail program??
> > That's a particularly irritating habit on a mailing list. Your
> > message is no more or less important than any other in this thread.
> Its not marked as an imporant message in my mail program.

<tip type="MS Outlook">

Some people seem to think that a mature and tolerant public forum is the
place to boast about how their mail client is less b0rken than yours. The
most common way of doing this is to manually insert a false "X-message-flag"
header in their messages, which will signify to Outlook users that the
message is high priority.

The easiest way to ignore these somewhat pathetic efforts is simply to
right-click on the column header for your message flags, and select "Remove
this column" from the context menu. This will only affect the current
folder, so if you keep your Evolt message in a separate folder (and who
doesn't?), you'll be able to ignore these attempts without interfering with
your friends' and colleagues' ability to send you messages of different



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