[thelist] Expiring records in MySQL

Daniel Fascia danfascia at totalise.co.uk
Fri May 10 11:14:00 CDT 2002

I guess I could also just make a routine that does the same check everytime somebody accesses the records as well... probably a bit slower but I dont have access to
the Apache server Im coding on...

>If you are on Apache set up a CRON job that calls a PHP script daily that
>DELETES from the table all the stuff whose date is today mius the time
>period you want.

Is it possible to automatically remove people who [rant] on Fridays ;-)

Was accidental high priority set on my uni account, only way you ever get a reply in those places

>[rant]Is it possible to automatically remove posters from the thelist who
>send stuff with high importance when their e-mail arrives? (It's Friday, and
>I shouldn't be grumpy I know, but WTF? Over.)[/rant]

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